Bergisel Ski Jump 2002

by | 10. Aug 2012

Project | Public/ leisure

Photo © Helene Binet


Situated on the Bergisel Mountain overlooking downtown Innsbruck, the ski jump will be a major landmark. It is part of a larger refurbishment project for the Olympic Arena and has replaced the old ski jump, which no longer met with International standards.

The building is a hybrid of highly specialized sports facilities and public spaces, including a cafe and a viewing terrace. These different programs are combined into a single new shape which extends the topography of the slope into the sky.


Photo © Helene Binet


The Ski Jump is a concise piece of functional design, an instrument for high performance sport, shaped with mathematical precision.  The challenge here was to integrate a new, initially alien element into a given formula: The cafe and Sundeck. The assemblage of elements was resolved in the manner of nature, developing a seamless hybrid, where parts are smoothly articulated and fused into an organic unity.  The result is a rather unusual silhouette on Bergisel.
/Zaha Hadid

Photo © Helene Binet


At a length of about 90 meters and a height of almost 50 meters the building is a combination of a tower and a bridge. Structurally it is divided into the vertical concrete tower and a spatial green structure, which integrates the ramp and the cafe.


Photo © Helene Binet


Two elevators bring visitors to the cafe 40 meters over the peak of the Bergisel Mountain. From here they can enjoy the surrounding alpine landscape as well as watch the athletes below fly above the Innsbruck skyline.

Zaha Hadid Architects won the international competition for the ski jump in 1999. The new structure opened in 2002.


Drawing courtesy Zaha Hadid Architects



Model photo courtesy Zaha Hadid Architects


CITY Bergisel Mountain
ARCHITECT Zaha Hadid Architects
Jan HŸbener