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by | 23. Jul 2012

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Model photo courtesy FOGA



Model photo courtesy FOGA

Panama is the ideal place to showcase biodiversity. Its wealth of natural life, diversity of environments and climate, and abundance of water combine to produce an unparalleled intensity at every scale of the chain of life.

In order to best display the diversity of life in Panama, the Bridge of Life Museum is nestled in a park-like setting that highlights the natural diversity of Panama in an accessible and easy-to-visit space.


Model photo courtesy FOGA

The landscaping of the park is designed by world-renowned landscape designer Edwina von Gal & Company. Ms. von Gal and her team produce landscapes that are clearly structured, yet loose, making them an ideal complement to the design of the Bridge of Life building.

The building’s pavilions house extraordinary interactive exhibits that allow the visitor to get close to nature.

The pavilions are topped with colorful roofs that will be visible at great distance by visitors arriving via cruise ships to the Pacific side of the Panama Canal. Collectively, these roofs will create a jagged and twisting silhouette that will be a clear representation of the forces of nature that shape our world. The building a memorable experience even when viewed from afar.


Model photo courtesy FOGA


The Bridge of Life building will be located in the Amador area of Panama City, at the tip of a causeway on the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. This privileged location is a few blocks away from the main cruise ship port in Panama, and minutes away from Panama’s Soberania National Park, a lush rain forest preserve that is immediately adjacent to Panama City.


Sketch courtesy FOGA


Sketch courtesy FOGA


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Drawing courtesy FOGA Section

This area has a rich history; it originally consisted of a series of islands that were linked by a causeway created from rocks dug out during the creation of the Panama Canal. The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) has a marine research station in one of the islands, and there is a beautiful marina as well as shops and restaurants.

Amador offers visitors to Panama an unparalleled opportunity to experience the best of what this country has to offer. With the creation of the Bridge of Life museum, it will also offer an exciting window into Panama’s rich natural life.


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