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by | 06. Sep 2012

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Photo Joao Morgado


From the outside, the privately owned three-story house appears as a simple white cube. However, the simplicity of the facade contrasts with the complexity on the inside.


DJ House is divided by a central patio. Placed on the lower level the patio makes a rectangular cut in the side of the house, a courtyard-like chip in the white cube. It is around this central division that the architects have organized the interior spaces of the house.


Photo Joao Morgado


The main entrance on the south side of the house leads alongside the patio to the center of the ground floor level. East of the entrance the ground floor is opened down to the basement level which creates a vertical space facing the public street. Down in the high-ceilinged living room, recessed from the street level, domestic privacy is ensured.


Photo Joao Morgado



Photo Joao Morgado



Photo Joao Morgado


Heading the opposite direction of the entrance, west of the patio, the ground floor continues on one plane into the kitchen and dining room. In this end of the house, large windows give a panoramic view to the backyard garden.


Photo Joao Morgado


Photo Joao Morgado


Next to the central backdoor, which mirrors the main entrance, two parallel staircases connect the ground floor with the level below and above. All of the indoor stairs are white like the interior wall surfaces.

On the first floor level two balconies open the DJ House further: One is located in the courtyard section next to the outdoor staircase, which leads to the larger terrace on the roof. Unlike the interior staircases the exterior staircase is inverted the parallel movement, and the stairs are in metallic, gray shades that match the terrace decks.


Photo Joao Morgado



Photo Joao Morgado


The other balcony faces the street via a square cut-out window in the east facade. A small rectangular hole in the roof above creates another vertical space towards the terrace and the sky.


Photo Joao Morgado


The interiors of the upper level are the private areas. One suite is located in the western end of the house, while the eastern hosts two smaller bedrooms. The bedrooms both have access to the balcony facing the street.

Large apertures establish the contact between interior and exterior. In the horizontal space the relationship is made by the continuity with the garden while in the vertical space is the blue sky that dominates the entire landscape.

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Drawing courtesy [i]da ArquitectBasement Plan


Drawing courtesy [i]da Arquitectos Ground Floor Plan


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CITY Carcavelos
COUNTRY Portugal