International Library Of Children’s Literature

by | 07. Aug 2012

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Tadao Ando’s addition to the Library creates an interplay between modern architecture and history.

The International Library of Children’s Literature, located in the Ueno Park, Tokyo opened in 2002. The Library supports the activities of local libraries, providing direct services for children as well as a national center supporting research and study on children’s literature.

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The main building, designated as a historic building by theTokyo Metropolitan Government, was constructed in 1906 and expanded in 1929. ┬áIn Tadao Ando’s design and structure of the new addition to the Library, the interior and exterior of the valuable architectural heritage has been preserved as much as possible.

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The steel frame, reinforced concrete and glass extension by Tadao Ando adds approximately 5,433 square meters to the historic brick building.

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This building houses a library dedicated to the collection and exhibition of children’s literature, as well as a research center.


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