by | 30. Jul 2012

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Image © OMA/Ole Scheeren


Soaring towers have become increasingly common wherever land is scarce, allowing cities to stack life ever taller, denser and more dynamic.

The 77 story MahaNakhon, translated in Thai as “great metropolis,” will be the tallest building in Thailand’s capital.

The Building, with its distinctive sculptural appearance, has been carefully carved to introduce a three dimensional ribbon of architectural “pixels” that circle the tower’s full height, as if excavating portions of the elegant glass curtain wall to reveal the inner life of the building – metaphorically and actually an architecture that encloses and protects its inhabitants while revealing the inner life of their city.

The pixilation gives the building an arresting profile on the skyline while generating a set of very special features to house the diverse functions of the building complex in an intelligently strategic way. It’s glittering stacked surfaces, terraces and protrusions will simultaneously create the impression of digital pixilation and echo the irregularity of ancient mountain topography.


Image © OMA/Ole Scheeren


Designed by Ole Scheeren, Partner of OMA, the MahaNakhon dismantles the typical tower and podium typology to render not a tower in isolation but instead a skyscraper that melds with the city by gradually “dissolving” the mass as it moves vertically between ground and sky.

This effect begins with a series of generous, cascading indoor/ outdoor terraces at The Hill, the 7-story area at the tower’s base housing luxury retail and dining, and ends at the Sky Bar, with sweeping 360° views of the skyline and river, floating 310 meters (more than 1,000 feet) above the city.


Image © OMA/Ole Scheeren



Image © OMA/Ole Scheeren


The Ritz-Carlton Residences, on floors 24 through 73, will occupy projecting glass skyboxes with sweeping views. The tower’s “pixels” have been designed to maximize unobstructed panoramas for the residences, offering rare bird’s eye views of the city and the Chaophraya River.


Image © OMA/Ole Scheeren


MahaNakhon Square, located in front of the tower, is intimately connected to the space between The Hill and an adjacent freestanding 7-story building known as the Cube. This dynamic public plaza will be a landscaped retreat for the city’s inhabitants, a gathering place, a rare venue for cultural and social interactivity, with direct connection to the Chongnonsi Skytrain station and future rapid bus transit system.

Bangkok’s Tallest Building will be a Lush Urban Oasis with The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Public Square and The Bangkok Edition, a signature boutique hotel with 150 hotel rooms.


Drawing © OMA/Ole Scheeren