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Landscape/ urban area | Master plan | Project

Photo courtesy NCC Property Development

The area designed by Libeskind is located at a major junction between the motorway and the railroad, with access to Copenhagen Airport and Sweden, and the new Metro that connects Ørestaden with the center of Copenhagen.

The primary elements in Libeskind’s Masterplan are designed around open, public rooms.

Central to the design is an ellipse shaped square, paved towards the north and landscaped towards the south, providing access to the two 20-story towers; the core of the Masterplan.

The paved areas around the two towers form the main pedestrian artery. Public facilities like Restaurants, outdoor cafés, and other public facilities, are planned around the square.


Photo courtesy NCC Property Development




Photo courtesy NCC Property Development


Photo courtesy NCC Property Development

With their curved, tilted facades the two towers will become landmarks in the area. Like the spires in the historical center of Copenhagen they will mark the area’s important, public rooms.

The majority of the construction of the Master plan consists of offices and hotels with apartments in one of the central towers and penthouses in some office buildings. The area will be zoned for pedestrians with underground parking or nearby public parking areas.

The plan was designed as a tribute to urban life in the 21st century and to Copenhagen’s many existing traditions. The area will be filled with energy and intensity, with open areas, niches, office buildings, cultural offerings and residences. A theme that will echo both the soul of Copenhagen and the music from the city’s life.
/Daniel Libeskind