Putrajaya Waterfront Development

by | 10. Aug 2012

Commercial | Mixed use | Project | Sustainable

Image courtesy Studio Nicoletti


Putrajaya is located on a stretch of Malaysia between Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It will eventually be the most accessible city in Malaysia, surrounded by expressways, urban highways and railways.


Image courtesy Studio Nicoletti

Tagged “The Garden City” because of its preservation of existing eco features and plans to set aside a third of its area for lush greenery, gardens and parks.

The building should have a uniqueness that tells of its place of origin, which is culturally modern, Islamic and tropical in nature. This group of houses is on the artificial lake, so we conceived a complex of elements, like a fleet, each one inspired by a boat.
/Manfredi Nicoletti

Image courtesy Studio Nicoletti

The key issue in the design was the relationship to the waterfront. The buildings on the boulevard reinforce the alignment of the boulevard but to enhance the visual corridors and links between the boulevard and the lakefront the architects broke the massing into smaller components of varying heights. The buildings are unified by tropical roof gardens.


Image courtesy Studio Nicoletti



Image courtesy Studio Nicoletti



Drawing courtesy Studio Nicoletti

Transparent and light layered buildings along the waterfront will create a sense of place that is uniquely tropical and reinforces Putrajaya as the garden city.

Sustainable strategies like terraces, sunshades, natural ventilation and integrated green space, between the buildings, are included in the design.
A light brise-soleil skin connected to the vertical pillars protects each unit and controls the amount of daylight coming in without compromising the expansive lake views.


Photo courtesy Studio NicolettiModel


Drawing courtesy Studio NicolettiPenthouse Level Plan


Drawing courtesy Studio NicolettiRoof Garden Plan

To bring life to the area, public activities such as cafés, restaurants, fashion boutique will be located at ground and mezzanine levels. Offices, boutique hotels, and apartments will also help create a lively and vibrant environment.


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