Henning Larsen Sketches

by | 11. Sep 2012


I can be inspired by a sudden image. My mind works like mad. The light strikes off some curbstones, it looks lovely. It’s a detail. One never stops discovering new facets of something: contrasts, dimensions. It’s all processed by the mind, you can’t set it out like a column of figures, but still it falls into place. You can worry and worry over a problem without finding an answer, then in the morning when you wake up, there it is. Suddenly it’s all so obvious. That’s how to do it. That’s how it will look. There are all sorts of problems I can’t sort out. When that happens I sketch it all out on a piece of paper, solely in order to remind myself of the essentials.
/Henning Larsen

Excerpt from:
Light and Life
Henning Larsen
The man and the architect
By Henrik Sten Møller
Published by Politiken