8 Unexpectedly Designed Bus Stops

by | 21. Jun 2015

Bus Stop - 1 - Sou Fuji.jpg

BrändenBus Stop, Sou Fujimoto. Photo © Adolf Bereuter 2014

Are you an architectural tourist travelling around Europe this summer? If you are, make sure to keep an eye out for these stunning architecturally designed bus stops that are located in the most unexpected places.

If you’re travelling through the town of Krumbach, Austria, be on the lookout for some crazy structures. During 2014 the town commissioned 7 bus stops designed by international architects for the exhibition, Bus:Stop Krumbach. The architects were asked to challenge the traditional idea of a bus shelter and included names such as Sou Fujimoto, Smiljan Radic and Wang Shu.

If you’re visiting the Vitra Design Museum in Germany then keep cool under the shelter of one of their stunningly minimal bus stops by London designer, Jasper Morrison or head north to visit Frank Gehry‘s Braunshweiger Square Bus Stop.

While you’re in Western Europe be sure to watch out for the Bohl Bus Stop by Santiago Calatrava in Switzerland and the Interactive Bus Stop by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Paris.

Or if you’ll be in The Netherlands check out an early project by Rem Koolhaas for OMA. The Video Bus Stop was produced for the 1991 exhibition, ‘What A wonderful World’ and is heavily inspired by the work of Mies van der Rohe.

If you prefer the warmer weather of Southern Europe then the beautifully elegant curves of the Casar de Caceres bus station by Justo Garcia Rubio Architects in Spain might appeal to you.

If you are after a real treat that’s a bit off the beaten track then drive through the lesser known roads of the former Soviet Union. Photographer, Christopher Herwig,spent 12 years documenting the relatively unknown designs of Soviet Bus Stops and the structures are incredible. For those of you less adventurous there is a beautifully summarised coffee table book available to order.

Bus:Stop Krumbach, Austria
Bus Stop - 2 - Vitra.jpgVitra Design Museum, Germany
Bus Stop - 8 - Gehry.jpgBraunschweiger Square, Germany
Bus Stop - 9 - Calatrava.jpgBohl Bus Stop, Switzerland
Bus Stop - 4 - MIT.jpgInteractive Bus Stop, France
Bus Stop - 5 - Koolhaas.jpgVideo Bus Stop, The Netherlands
Bus Stop - 6 - Justo Garcia.jpgCasar de Caceres bus station, Spain
Bus Stop - 7 - Soviet.jpgSoviet Bus Stops