Airports We Wouldn’t Mind Getting Stuck In

by | 15. May 2014


Image © nakanimamasakhlisi. Courtesy UNStudio

In essence, they are public spaces – but transitory ones. Airports are places where people gather voluntarily in a collective state of wanting to leave. In some cases, however, the long walk to the terminal can be a quite rewarding experience.

Air travel is becoming an ever more affordable means of transport, and as a result airport visits are now an intrinsic part of travelling. In many ways, it is a quite remarkable building typology as they are often designed with the expressed intent of achieving the feeling of extreme neutrality. 

But thankfully, there are exceptions to the rule.

From Viñoly and Calatrava’s dynamic shapes to Taller de Arquitectura and Foster’s fantastic feats of repetitive engineering, these are all unique and exemplary airports, where you probably wouldn’t mind spending a few extra hours in transit.

Taller de Arquitectura interior Photo courtesy Taller de Arquitectura
Taller de Arquitectura   Barcelona Airport Terminal 1
Barcelona, Spain

Carrasco International Airport
Rafael Viñoly
Montevideo, Uruguay

International Airport
Norman Foster & Partners
Beijing, China

Sondika Airport
Santiago Calatrava
Bilbao, Spain

Kutaisi Airport
Kutaisi, Georgia